Alaap is a social enterprise that works at the intersection of environmental degradation and poverty to ensure that both people and nature thrive in harmony.

Our mission is to catalyse reforestation at a scale that matters.

Our goal is to reforest India's 120 million hectares of degraded lands and create regenerative job opportunities for rural India.

Our Project Design

We create multi-layered forests using the Miyawaki Method and food forests on rural and urban community lands and unused/underused farmlands. Along with forest creation, we conduct skilling of young people in our project areas in afforestation methodologies, data collection and evaluation.


We don’t just plant trees; we create dense, native forests. Using the Miyawaki Method, our forests grow 10 times faster, are 30 times denser. We also make backyard forests for fuel, fodder and nutrition for local communities.

Help a Himalayan Community through Reforestation

Job Creation

Our work generates employment and income opportunities for the local communities who create these forests. These include direct wages, seed-banks, nurseries and long term carbon offset based income streams.

Women SHG Nursery Training 18 Feb 19

Training and Skilling

Creating a forest today is only job half done. We invest in people today, so that they can create and protect a thousand forests tomorrow. Our work touches all key stakeholders including government, corporations and individuals.

our impact so far..

Plant a sapling
saplings planted
Community Work - Village Lafda
workshops delivered
Village Level
manhours of employment
baakhli - traditional longitudinal kumauni house small
villages engaged
Community forest
Rupees added to economy
Eco-leadership with Van Panchayat Sarpanch
eco-leaders trained

Download our Annual Report for the year 2017-2018 here.

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We've dared to plant a new seed this year. We've dared to hope that one day, it will turn into a forest. We believe.
May the forest be with you.

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