About Alaap

Alaap works at the intersection of forest degradation and poverty.

We create forests, and through that, create income opportunities for people.

Our goal is to go beyond forest creation, and ensure that forests and people can grow together, and not at the cost of each other

What do we do ?

Simply put, we create forests, and through that, create income opportunities for people


We don’t just plant trees; we create dense, native forests. Using the Miyawaki Method, our forests grow 10 times faster, are 30 times denser. We also make backyard forests for fuel, fodder and nutrition for local communities.

Employment Creation

Our work generates employment and income opportunities for the local communities who create these forests. These include direct wages, seed-banks, nurseries and long term carbon offset based income streams.

Forest Advocacy

Creating a forest today is only job half done. We invest in people today, so that they can create and protect a thousand forests tomorrow. Our work touches all key stakeholders including government, corporations and individuals.

The Alaap team

Sheeba Sen


Em Golu

Manvendra Singh Inaniya

Reforestation projects

Aadya Singh

Design and research

Bhupendra Bisht

Project Manager

Mansingh Bisht

Nursery Manager

Our Partners

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