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Vikalp Sangam

Reforesting the hillsides of the Himalayas

Despite being the birthplace of forest activism and a home to one of the richest ecosystems on the planet, Uttrakhand is losing the battle to protect its forests. Alaap’s unique approach is ensuring both forests and people thrive in harmony.

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Better India

The Better India

How an Engineering Dropout Found His True Calling in the Kumaoni Himalayas

How do we find our true calling? How do we live in harmony with nature and with our own self? How does one be open to new learning experiences? Find out the answer to these questions in the inspiring journey of Manvendra Singh Inaniya, Alaap’s Head of Reforestation Projects, here.

Hindu Business Line

These urban forests keep India breathing freely

Since 2015, Alaap People’s Foundation has collaborated with several like-minded individuals and organisations across the country. This has allowed Alaap to cultivate a thriving network of eco-leaders and forge partnerships with a variety of organisations. Read more about one of our partners here.

Coca-Cola India

Building village-level eco-entrepreneurs FOR SOCIAL CHANGE

The rapid replacement of native forests with pine cultivation to extract resin over the last two centuries has resulted in over half the villages in Uttarakhand facing a severe water crisis today. In order to quickly restore the delicate balance of the Himalayan ecosystem, Alaap is using the quicker Miyawaki method and also developing community forest leaders to take ownership of their forests. Read more about Alaap’s vision and programmes here.

The Hindu

The Hindu

The old man and the tree

Ecological heritage and cultural heritage often go hand-in-hand. In addition to bringing back the native forests of Uttarakhand, Alaap, along with its partner organisations, is helping preserve “Likhai”, the unique wood-carving art of Uttarakhand. Read more about how the art was pushed to the brink of extinction and is slowly, but surely, witnessing a revival.

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Reviving Naulas, The Ancient Water Temples Of The Kumaon Himalayas

Despite a rich history of community-based environmentalism and traditional water-management practices, the Kumaon region in Uttarakhand is facing water shortages. Learn more about how Alaap is working to bring back the native forests of the region to recharge the areas naulas, dharas and rainfed rivers here.

Bhoomi Magazine

Interview: Sheeba Sen, Founder Alaap

Alaap was born out of Sheeba Sen’s deep love for trees, forests and the mountains. Her efforts are rooted in a deep sense of conviction that we can strengthen our relationship with nature and forests, without compromising on economic development and progress. Read more about Sheeba’s inspirational journey, the challenges she encountered on her way, why she chose to work in Kumaon and her perspective on the enormity of the things at stake here.

Himalayan Geographic

A new life to the old forest

The mindless exploitation of India’s natural resources under the British rule has created severe consequences for the Garhwal and Kumaon regions. Alaap is attempting to rectify the mistakes of the past and the present and seeking support from the local communities and government in the process of reviving native plant species.

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Vital Voices


A network of like-minded individuals and organisations have helped Alaap initiate a discourse around sustainability in the last few years. Listen to the insightful conversation between Sheeba Sen, founder of Alaap, with Vital Voices President & CEO Alyse Nelson Daniela Pogliani, Executive Director of Conservación Amazónica, in a podcast here.

Laureate Global Fellowship

Manvendra Singh Inaniya: Profile

Manvendra Singh Inaniya from Alaap was selected a part of the 2018 class of the prestigious Laureate Global Fellowship and is now a part of a thriving global community of change-makers. The fellowship is offered by YouthActionNet, an initiative of the International Youth Foundation. Learn more about it here.