Plant a forest to celebrate an occasion, give a meaningful gift or plant in memory of someone special. Starts from Rs. 125.
Rs.7,500 donated
5 Donors

“Someone’s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.” – Warren Buffet

Indeed, there is no better gift than the Gift of Green. Today, we are losing this most important natural asset at our own peril.  No less than one football pitch worth of forest is lost every single second. Planting a tree is not enough anymore to save our planet earth. We need to bring back dense forests, and do it faster than ever.

Alaap is bringing back the native forests of Himalayas using Miyawaki method that ensures a 10x growth, 30x CO2 absorption and a 90%+ survival rate. We go beyond reforestation to work with the local communities ensuring forest related employment & livelihood generation, and climate change awareness for a sustainable impact on our planet.

Join us in this movement by planting a tree in a place that needs it the most.



Alaap is fighting climate change and poverty by working with remote Himalayan communities to transform barren hillsides into dense native forests. Your contribution will help create carbon positive​ villages, employment and heal our planet.


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