Reforesting to bring back a dried up river, while generating employment for the local village community
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Rs.37,500 donated of Rs.300,000 goal
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Indian Himalayan Region is at the brink of an unprecedented water-crisis. Out of 16,000 villages in Uttarakhand, 8,800 have been declared water scarce. In a region, out of the 360 natural water spring, only 60 remain today. Rampant deforestation is rapidly depleting the groundwater levels. A woman in an Uttarakhand village today walks up to 10 Kilometers over 4 hours to fill just enough water, and collect fuel & fodder to last her\ household for a day. More and more water bodies are going dry everyday due to deforestation. To fight this, we are transforming a barren riverside land in Dehradun into a lush green native forest, so that the river can start flowing again. Your donation will directly go towards creating a forest and providing employment to the local community which is fighting water scarcity, desertification and other devastating impacts of climate change.

Location: 1 hectare of degraded riverside land in Lachhiwala Range, Dehradun  

Timeline: April – September 2019


  • 17,000+ trees on a degraded riverside land
  • 100+ local community members employed during reforestation (Over 50% women)
  • Training for 30+ direct stakeholders for sustainable reforestation of the riverside ecosystem
  • ₹1,00,000 projected monetary addition to local economy through direct purchases


Alaap is fighting climate change and poverty by working with remote Himalayan communities to transform barren hillsides into dense native forests. Your contribution will help create carbon positive​ villages, employment and heal our planet.


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