Bringing back degraded community forests for fuel, fodder & water. Saving environment, increasing biodiversity, creating employment.
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Community forests have been a source of livelihood & nourishment for the local mountain-dwelling communities in Uttarakhand for thousands of years. In the last 50 years, effects of climate change and large scale deforestation have led to massive loss of biodiversity and livelihoods. Women & children are the worst affected, with women spending 6-7 hours everyday in search of water, firewood & cattle-fodder, and children suffering from nutrient-deficiency due to reducing crop-yield, and suboptimal food composition. Lack of alternative livelihood & means of employment has resulted in more deforestation, and extreme poverty in the region. The prevalent narrative today is that human development is only possible at the cost of forests. Alaap has taken a bold initiative to change this narrative by bringing back community forests, and creating mini food & fodder forests within private village lands using the latest methods like Miyawaki & Permaculture. Apart from generating employment for women in reforestation & nursery-management, your support will ensure food-security for forest-dependent communities, and provide vocational training for eco-employment opportunities to create a sustainable forest-led impact. We are fighting climate change & poverty in Himalaya, one village at a time. Join us in this movement!


Location: 20 villages across 4 blocks in Champawat district, Uttarakhand

Timeline: April- September  2019


  • Creation of 20 community forests & 4 private fodder forests
  • 7680+ Trees to be planted
  • Engaging over 8,800 community members, 50%+ women
  • 4,500 man-days paid employment exclusively for the local community
  • ₹1,60,000 added to local economy through direct purchase


Alaap is fighting climate change and poverty by working with remote Himalayan communities to transform barren hillsides into dense native forests. Your contribution will help create carbon positive​ villages, employment and heal our planet.


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