Join Tumkur climate hero Mahesh Anna in reviving barren farmlands and rewilding 80 acres of degraded forests at Ammanaghata Tumkur, to fight extreme water-crisis, mass migration & farmer suicides.
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Plant a forest to help a Tumkur farmer revive barren land, rejuvenate water table, and fight global warming.

“It’s amazing how a little tomorrow can make up for a whole lot of yesterday.” ― John Guare

A history of despair, parched earth and mass migration

  • 36% of Karnataka’s agricultural land are desertified today – highest amongst all South Indian states.
  • 3515 farmers in the state have committed suicide in the last 5 years due to drought & crop failure – that’s 2 farmers every single day between 2014-2018
  • Groundwater level has depleted from 15-20 feet to 1500 feet in the span of 20 years in worst affected areas of Tumkur

It is difficult to find young people in the villages of Karnataka. Barring the old, the infirm and the rich who can afford to install deep borewells that can cost up to Rs 6 lakh, all others have migrated to cities for work, mostly with textile factories and garment units. Even wealthy farmers do not remain immune from the impact of drought. In Amanaghatta village of Tumkur district, coconut and areca nut farms look stressed, and the dry fronds tell their tale. “If it does not rain in the next two months, we are finished,” says Gurulinganna, a wealthy farmer from the village. Once nourished by the Hemavathi, the biggest tributary of the Cauvery, the village today looks parched due to consecutive monsoon failure and diversion of the Hemavathi water to Tamil Nadu.”

– Excerpt from Down-to-Earth Magazine, highlighting the dismal state of Ammanaghatta village, Tumkur

Reforestation, rewilding, rejuvenation and a miracle waiting to happen in Ammanaghatta

Meet Mahesh Anna – the natural farming pioneer in Ammanaghatta Tumkur, who is trying to set the course for large scale community driven climate action in Karnataka. A believer and practitioner of  natural farming and naturopathy, Mahesh Anna has now taken the bold initiative of creating a 100% native forest in his own degraded farmland to improve soil quality, reduce soil erosion, increase biodiversity and bring back groundwater levels. Planted using Miyawaki method – the forest will grow 10x faster, be 30x denser, and would have a survival rate of 90-95% thus ensuring accelerated ecological impact.

The success of this project will set an example for 100’s of farmers in the village to take up climate action through reforestation and also open the pathway for rewilding 80 acres of deforested land adjacent to the village, through community action.

A single mature tree supplies enough oxygen for up to 4 people. A mini forest of 50 trees can offset the unavoidable carbon footprint of your entire family for 1 year. Your contribution will not only make a real difference on the ground, but will also help set a movement in motion.



Alaap is fighting climate change and poverty by working with remote Himalayan communities to transform barren hillsides into dense native forests. Your contribution will help create carbon positive​ villages, employment and heal our planet.


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