About the Method

Named after the Japanese scientist Dr. Akira Miyawaki, this methodology has been extremely successful with over 17 million trees planted in 1700 locations. Such forests are multi-layered forests and mimic the densest parts of a native undisturbed forests. Since the methodology rests on providing the best possible start to the forest, such forests can grow upto 10 times faster, be 30 times more dense and 100 times more bio-diverse.

The simplest definition of the Miyawaki method is the random and dense plantation of native species.

Conventional plantation

- 1 tree per square foot
- Limited species varieties
- Extensive maintenance required
- Susceptible to pests and diseases

Multi-layer forest

- 30 trees per square foot
- 25-50 species varieties
- No maintenance after 3 years
- Resilient to pests and diseases

Compared to a conventional plantation, Miyawaki forests grow 10 times faster, 100 times more biodiverse and have 30 times more green surface area. The process followed is 100% organic.

times faster
times denser
times more biodiverse
percent organic

Alaap holds frequent workshops on the Miyawaki method. We will teach you the six steps involved in the method, and give you a host of resources to help you go back and create your own DIY forest. Our workshops involve hands-on training and plantation as well. 

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